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  Big Cats In Britain

Big Cats in Britain

Home of the national Big Cat Research Group


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2008 BCIB Report

Have you seen the Beast of Green Drive

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Big Cat Stamps of the World

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What is Big Cats in Britain?

We are an investigative group made up of a network of researchers across the country. We gather evidence and information  with the aim of discovering exactly what species of big cats are roaming the British

countryside and how they came to be here. For our purpose the term 'big cats' denotes any feline not indigenous to the British Isles or any unknown indigenous big cat. We offer - and are continuing to expand - the biggest
online archive of information on British big cats.

Report your big cat sighting online click here
Or phone the sightings hotline and enquiries: 07766416211 Email:
[email protected]



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Big Cats in Britian Scottish Wildcat Survey
  Index   Big cat sightings

There are over 5,000 sightings logged in the members' area already - and we continue to need your help.

We are appealing for you to relate your experience to us. All sightings are valuable.

Confidentiality with regard to location, as well as your personal details, will be respected at all times.

Report your big cat sighting online here

Big Cats and Britain's Ecology
(BANC workshop September 2006)

History Channel in Search of British Big Cats
Big Cats on Teesside


Big Cats Around the World

  Photographs, video footage and other evidence

Our field research concentrates on obtaining conclusive video or photographic evidence that cannot be disputed.  

Photographs of livestock kills, prints, as well as possible big cats are most welcomed - as is video footage.

All evidence submitted will be returned.

We can also copy your footage on to DVD or video for you FREE.
Footage taken by Harry Fowler in Surrey - 2005 Picture taken by Tim Young in Cornwall, 1988 and investigated by Nigel Brierly
Latest sighting by BCIB

USA Big Cats by Alex Mistretta

  Members' area

Members share sightings and can access the national database.

They follow up sightings, conduct field investigations and night vigils.

You are welcome to join us

Members Area

Join the Big Cats in Britain Research Group Here
2009 Events

Still  taken from the footage shot by Frank Speake in Lincolnshire, September 2003

  This picture was taken in Llandrinio by the Shropshire Star, 1994.

... Pictures by Roger Hale

...Trigger camera pictures

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UK Cryptozoology

Escaped Exotics or Indigenous Unrecorded Species - Di Francis January 2007

Manchester & Bolton Museum Exhibitions (Brian Percival) Big Cat Picture of the Day

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